About us

We are flippers from Argentina with many years of experience in the hobby, we all started with CCC that broke in a short time, tired of this we bought our first of medium quality, they were clones, we understood the potential of good Chinese manufacturing for make balis with good quality / price, but there were almost no original models. We decided to establish our store and start in our country trying to create prototypes to be sold in Argentina and Mexico but it was not profitable or practical, so we allied ourselves with a company in China willing to manufacture our balisongs with a high quality level in order to offer a product good quality at a reasonable price. We want to focus on the average flipper who can't afford 500usd so that he can buy cheap balis to avoid having to buy clones. Today there are many very good balis companies but few care about offering low prices that anyone can pay, we have come to remove the need to buy clones.

4 years ago we started making content about balis on youtube, instagram and facebook, we reached 65,000 followers on youtube and more than 2500 followers on each instagram account, we have facebook groups where the community exchanges information and experience about the hobby